better as the day went on

Hey y’all-
Here’s a boring recap of my day today… (don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

I got tons done today. Loads of paperwork tossed and small amounts saved. Fewer than expected knick-knacks salvaged and lots to dump or sell. Had a major meltdown before noon but a good chat with my mom’s husband remedied my teary despair nicely. After refocusing, I ate a sandwich and drank copious amounts of tea. Aaron returned from work and has a nasty cold so we ordered pizza and chatted before retreating to our designated napping spots for an hour of rest.

The snooze was good not because of any sleep I got, but because of my nap companion- my dearest cat, Elliot, aka Bean. He is therapy. When I was ill several years ago with everything ranging from Asthma to Cancer, he didn’t leave my side. He slept under my blankies every day, all day and night too. His purr is the most perfect sound to ever grace my ears and his devotion is unending. I miss him terribly, but alas, he’s 16 years old and I just wouldn’t put him through the stress of a transatlantic move, even though such things can be done without quarantine now… I’m just going to soak up all the feline lovin’ I can whilst here and that will have to do for now.

Went to Target for some major shopping action with Mom this evening. We closed the place down! It was about two hours of shopping and I netted some fab deals on clothes and make-up. (Good thing too- I only brought a couple of days worth of clothes so I need them desperately!) The best purchase was a crank style hob-top popcorn popper! We almost got one in the UK, but the damn things are twice as expensive there. I spent a cool $19.99. I’m stoked! Whee-hooo! I have more shopping to do there with one of my best girlfriends later this weekend. I miss my Target store!

It’s late. It’s 11:30pm here and nearly 5:30am in my brain and body… I need sleep. I have an appointment to get my taxes done tomorrow morning… wish me luck! Maybe I’ll get a refund… god I hope so!

This now concludes my boring post of what I did today. Things are good. Stress is low. Cats are wonderful. I don’t feel as much like the whiny child begging to be sent home from summer camp anymore. I miss home, but this is comfortable enough. (The best part is the company… I am really glad to see my family and friends again.)


2 thoughts on “better as the day went on”

  1. Thanks Kev!

    Been spending USDs like they’re free and enjoying the company of my friends and family. Will likely have photos and stories to tell as the week continues…


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