Note to World:

Remind me to tell you about Esteban, my electric guinea pig.

Heh heh…

Oh- go to my dotmac page for a slightly revised area called “My Life in the UK.” I’ve got some pictures I took during a quick visit to the British Museum weekend before last. The quality of most of the photos isn’t great, but then again, they were stupidly busy with crowds and the lighting is less than desirable when you courteously don’t use a flash.
I have plans to add lots more to the UK-centric section, but for now, what’s in there will have to satisfy. I’ll keep you posted, dear kitties.
The link to my dotmac* page is in the menu on the right, in the section called “More of Me.”

I’ll have stories to tell soon… scout’s honour.


*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.