even hard drives get the blues

Hey kitties-

I’ve been kind of quiet for a few days, thanks in part to an irritating, yet completely uncrippling issue on my machine. I think it’s isolated to an application that’s just decided to go mental, but to be on the safe side, I’ve been backing things up like mad for a few days and generally trying to ignore the inevitable transition to the new hard disk due here Monday.
A new hard drive is both forcibly liberating and thrilling as well as being the most painful way to spend an afternoon. I have to install loads of genuinely useful software, (like Adobe CS Premium and ecto), as well as wade through the mucky mire of upgrades, updates and filtering out the flotsam I just never used anyway. Argh. All that, and I’m trying to plan a quick trip back to America… These things have to come all at once don’t they?

So, no catastrophic problems, since I’ve got my shit backed up. I slept pretty well over it all. Hard drives go bad. At least I noticed in time…

What the heck did I do with myself whilst in Target Disk Mode all day yesterday? I caught up on the mundane. I’d been fooling myself that my time spent in front of my computer all day was constructive, when in fact, I know all I would’ve done was an hour of genuine work, clean files off for another couple of hours and rot on the internet for the rest of the day, sucking down espresso/french roast blend coffee like it’s water. (Gotta stay alert for the Blogshares.com trading, man…)
I did accomplish things whilst untethered from my diminutive office space. I potted plants. I did dishes. I mopped the bathroom floor and did not one, but two loads of wash. (One lights and one darks, for those scoring at home.) I also grew my brain without the aid of the internet. *gasp* Good old fashioned print reading. We subscribe to New Scientist magazine, so I took the opportunity to learn about everything from volcanos on Mars, to the tech industry in India, to the Minke whale population & Japan, to The Cell processor chip, and much more. My brain loves that magazine. (Looks really impressive when you take it with you to the hair salon too… heh heh. Yes, I’d rather read about physics than Brad Pitt. Undue shock ensues.)

Oh, and I also wrote a poem. I like it, perhaps you will too. Here it is:

August 9

“I miss the sound of crickets,”
she said,
then she laid down her head next
to mine.
In the space of stars she heard
only silence
and the quiet of a heaven without
a soul;
without the cacophony of crickets
on a warm, summer night.
And after a sigh, she drifted to sleep-
dreaming of the sound she
left behind.
Inside, I wished I could’ve
done something,
Something about the silence…
I wanted the weight of the August
night steam
to blanket her in the comfort
of train whistles and the
insects’ song
I could never appreciate.
For the first time in my life
my peace was
too quiet.
So I put my arm around her and
waited for the morning,
Sung to sleep by her soft breath.

© jEN 2005
don’t steal it, lest you feel my wrath… and I assure you, it’s uncomfortable.


One thought on “even hard drives get the blues”

  1. And you forgot the huge 2-for-one fish and chips meal in the evening. Woohoo!

    This is a lesson we could all learn, ladies and gentlemen (not the fish & chips, I mean the getting-the-hell-off-the-computer-and-doing-something-constructive-after-all-life-doesn’t-revolve-around-the-internet thing). So, today I’m gonna… do a load of programming. Argh! Maybe I need more practice.

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