yup- got shafted a bit

Ok- I just mentioned the boo-boo on the Apple Store site (see my previous post), and now, just a little while later, I go back and check to see what’s happening…

They’ve reduced the iPod Mini line to just four colours, (removed the gold one), dropped the priced on the model I just bought by 40 quid, and offer a 6GB model for 10 quid less than the one I have. I got mine on Saturday. It gets better-
The 20GB model I spoke of and screen shot in the last post, dropped to just under £178- that’s about 2 quid under my little 4 GB Mini…(correction: that £178 that I griped about is excluding 17.5% VAT… it’s still £209 retail. I do still have the grounds to gripe just a bit about the £40 I just lost on the Mini though… *sigh*)

The one thing that saves my sanity is that there was little to no buzz over a new iPod line until yesterday. I couldn’t have known in advance and if you sit on your thumbs and wait for the next big thing to happen you’ll never have fun. So, the price for having fun is to occasionally get bled by the cost of bleeding edge devices. I’d rather have cool toys and wear a couple of plasters* here and there than to miss out entirely.


*for the Americans in the room- plasters are band-aids…

2 thoughts on “yup- got shafted a bit”

  1. You aint been shafted.

    Beause you bought your iPod within the last 14 days, take the receipt to the Apple Store and they will happily refund the difference, or let you give it back to them and buy the new style.

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