I found a boo-boo on Apple’s iPod Store…

Today, the Apple Store team is hard at work modifying the iPod Store section for the product line reorganisation… but they missed something… (I feel like such a mega-dweeb for catching this… 🙂 )
Clearly, the wave of the iPod future is upon us, with podcasting and potential expansions in A/V technology in the works. (See this post on Neil’s blog…)

What seems to be happening to the iPod is the phaseout of the standard, shitload-of-songs-in-your-pocket-model for the shitload-of-songs-AND-PHOTOS-in-your-pocket-model.

What was their boo-boo? They list an attractively priced 20GB / 5000 song model for £209.00, but in the description copy below the Click Wheel photo, they go on to wow you with the now-non-existent 40GB model and it’s 10,000 capacity. There is no 40GB model. Not available from Apple anymore. Not even available as a iPod Photo. (Those are 30GB and 60GB…)
Here’s the window shot of the page..
So does that mean that the iPod mini I just got last week is about to be replaced/upgraded as rumoured? Did I, once again, buy an Apple product on the cusp? Argh. So it goes. I love my little silver mini… even if it gets upgraded to 6GB soon, I’m still a happy girl.