Bentonville evil

Wow. Wal-Mart.
You suck. Hard.
Walmart does it again… if they don’t get their way, they close stores and eliminate employee positions. Evil, thy name is Wal-Mart. You sick, twisted, arrogant, manipulative, monopolising, right-wing, censorship spreading, low-wage paying, store prayer encouraging, competition stomping, small town economy/sense of community destroying, equal pay ignoring scourge from Satan’s left testicle.
Read and become incensed from this article.

I’ve not shopped at a Wal-Mart for years and will pay extra to avoid their plague upon modern economics. I refuse to buy from a chain that “Rolls back” jobs and livelihoods as flippantly as they do the price on Cheerios. Fuck you Wal-Mart.


One thought on “Bentonville evil”

  1. WalMart moved into Quebec only a few years ago. They may have wanted to practise their usual business of making everyone bend to their rules ….. but in Quebec unionization is very high in tems of percentage of workers . And the unions are agressive ….McDonalds has already closed a few restaurants(?) in the province because the kids working there wanted a union . So instead of kids Walmart has thrown out a bunch of low-paid mothers. And Walton is one of the richest men in America …… pfff…….i guess one becomes rich by not having a conscience! Boycott Walmart and spend your money at the mom and pop stores please.

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