Reading the flood of remembrances

So, as most of the world knows, Hunter S. Thompson is dead. I found a great quote in the most unusual of sources: an article about HST. Written by Kurt Loder, who possibly is the last bastion of intelligent journalism at the bling-centric station*, the article draws attention to some career highlights of the late HST and also offered a quote I really like from a 1974 Playboy Magazine interview with Hunter:

“One day you just don’t appear at the El Adobe bar anymore: You shut the door, paint the windows black, rent an electric typewriter and become the monster you always were — the writer.”

The article can be found here. And the initial announcement here. Also, I found an article written some years ago by Hunter’s son, describing the man that was his father. That one is here.

So long- now back to some regular blogging action…


*Perhaps I’m not up-to-date enough to comment, for it’s been a long time since I spent more than 30 seconds on the channel. Thanks for destroying the M in MTV, guys. (That’s why, until I moved from America, I watched Fuse if I wanted to see music videos.)