Devil cookies… evil, devil cookies…

In a moment of weakness, I let the Hobnob enter my waiting mouth. Filling with food-induced bliss, the marriage of dissimilar textures between oaty cookie (biscuit) and it’s sweet chocolate cloak wrapped my tongue in a pleasure I’d not known before and long for over and over again… I nearly ache for the next bite.

Yes, the imported US Oreos are worth deification, however, I have become torn between two theological camps de cookie.

Perhaps, as in ancient times, there are several gods amongst us- not the least of which would be the co-rulers Oreo and Hobnob.

HobnobI am a changed woman.


3 thoughts on “Devil cookies… evil, devil cookies…”

  1. Zac- where is one of these Selfridges? Is it near?

    Matt- no- I’ve heard of them though. Part of me wonders if it can possibly be tasty… it sounds revolting and as if it were born of a joke that people will eat anything deep fried.
    I think I can avoid the deep fried candy bar phenomenon. I think my heart is quietly breathing a sigh of relief… šŸ™‚


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