“…the wave finally broke and rolled back.”

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
-Hunter S. Thompson
HuntersHuntersteadmanHstEnjoy this link to lots of his most recent writings– short columns for ESPN. The first, and more accurately- the last, article is about golf, shotguns and a telephone conversation with Bill Murray. I quote the intro here:

The death of professional hockey in AMERICA is a nasty omen for people with heavy investments in NHL teams. But to me, it meant little or nothing — and that’s why I called Bill Murray with an idea that would change both our lives forever.

I don’t like or follow sports, but I can read HST’s writing and enjoy it in fits of giggles and admiration for his narrative. Goodnight, Hunter. Thanks for the gonzo inspirations.


One thought on ““…the wave finally broke and rolled back.””

  1. Sad news I read this morning. I remember reading Loath and Fear in Las Vegas being 17 r 18 … what a smash in the face.
    A great writter (I wouldn’t say man as I don’t personnaly know him ;D) is gone. A real shame

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