Need a free image browser?

Here’s something else I stumbled onto today… It’s a free and customisable Flash-based image viewer for your online photo gallery. It’s mid-level geeky, but very slick and pretty.
I bookmarked it to play with it later- but I’m going to clean up my dotMac* page first and get those galleries working better so I can show my family some of my British Museum photos from yesterday… (You’re invited to check it out later too… just give me a few hours of prep-time and then click on my “dotmac, mitherfickers” link on the side bar.) I want to try to get a blog based image gallery up as well, so, this may just be what I’m looking for… I’ll let you know.

So, without further delay, go nose around Simple Viewer at Airtight Interactive. It looks promising.


*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.