Now, I’m no prude. I don’t mind a little racy eye-candy here and there, but this disturbs me on soooo many levels.
Thank goodness my Mail application knows my tastes and marked this spam accordingly. 😉
The only thing I want to watch grannies do is make cookies or do crossword puzzles. You know, things that won’t jeopardise their hip replacements… Oh- and stay clothed please. No nude cookie bakers… And leave the dentures in…

Eeewwww… bad spam. Argh.

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Elderly Woman by Pearl Jam

3 thoughts on “Ewww…”

  1. To iron out the skin? Ewww… you kinky beast. And no, I don’t know if they have any because I’m not clickin’ the link weirdo! 😛 *tut*
    Besides, an iron might be hurty to the grannies… just use some clear tape to pin back the sexy bits… Dip her in baby oil to remove. (I hear there’s a baby stuff sale at Amazon if you need to pick some up… heh heh Could prolly use some diapers for them too… ewwwww…)

    smooches against my better judgement~

  2. You don’t want Grannies in your in-box and you don’t want babies in your in-box, there is just no pleasing some people 🙂

    Just imagine if all the spam you get was to turn up as REAL post!

    Okay have you stopped shuddering and going ‘Eeugh’ yet? No, well I’ll give you another 10 minutes 🙂


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