Current Currency Conversion Creates Crisis

MonopolymoneySee that? That’s what appears to be a stack of 9- $10 bills. If I were to exchange that for British Pound Sterling right now, I’d get a whoppin’ £47.76 for it. The exchange rate has been so bad for the past six months that I still have $400 USD that I’m just sitting on until I visit the states again.
Another area of concern is how my retirement money will be affected by the poor US economy. I have a small account that I just want to liquidate for the cash. (Now don’t lecture me on the the business decision, I know I should just let it sit and grow, but I haven’t a choice since I technically don’t have any US bank accounts anymore.) Anyway, so I want to liquidate this small account. It’s only around $7000. So, I cash it in and lose 30% off the bat for penalties. Fair enough- that leaves me with $4900. Ouch. Now, to bring that money here to the UK with the current piss-poor exchange rate, I lose almost another 50% of that. So I end up with a crappy nest egg of £2600.43.
It’s hardly worth the cash out. It’s depressing and not something I want to deal with, but I will soon anyway just to get it over with. I’ll take my financial caning and be done with it.

That’s my rant. *sigh* It didn’t really go anywhere- I just saw some stock photography of US cash and got bitter again for a moment. Poo.


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