Ahhhh!!! Ugly babies in my inbox!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

Ok- I’m not yet 100% awake. I stumble to my Mac with a hot cup o’ joe and start fetching my emails.

Then this shows up in my inbox:
BabiesrcrapClearly, Amazon doesn’t read my blog. Or do they? Maybe they’re mocking me… When I wake up more this morning, I’ll consider my retaliation.

BabiesRUs… the horror…


3 thoughts on “Ahhhh!!! Ugly babies in my inbox!!! Ahhhhhh!!!”

  1. Hey discount babies – fantastic. Hollow it out, tan the skin, add a zip and you’ve got a way cool backpack. 🙂


  2. bwahh ha ha ha!
    I so like the sense of humour here… it’s so delightfully distasteful!

    I thought for a moment about posting around the interpretation of Big Babies for sale… but it was too early for me to be truly clever. Now, rabid big babies… there’s something. Recycling them into luggage wouldn’t be entirely wasteful either… Hmmmmm… If I got my finger stuck in the zipper, would I still get sick? I don’t trust them babies… devil babies…


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