Geekier than thee. (or me for that matter)

Whatever happened to the simple college days… beer parties, throwing watermelons down staircases or off balconies, running naked down the campus walkways…

Oh yeah… this comes from no average college. This is Cornell University. I couldn’t get in there if I slept with all the right pocket-protected people. I would be a complete brain fraud. But wait… they’re just dorky college kids with really advanced geek projects. I bet they still like pizza, worry about when the student loans start piling up, freak out at the idea of starting a family and getting a ‘real’ job…

And they obviously still have a fondness for toys. We’ve all got something in common with these mega-brains after all.

Check out this project and tell me it wouldn’t be hella fun to wander through some of the classes these guys take. I think I’m slightly turned on by the geek factor. I’m proud to be a geek- we are a wonderfully diverse group of humans. Viva geek. I love you all…


Now go get yer geek freak on… I feel the need to fire up Terminal for no good reason at all.
Is it warm in here? 😉


What I’m listening to right now:
Cuz It’s Hot from the album “Black Box (Disc 3)” by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult