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Sorry I’ve not been active this week… I’ve been busy with some geek projects that hardly warrant reporting. I do have a geeky conundrum that I’m tackling, so if anyone has above average input to offer, please chime in… I’m trying to make the DVD/CD drive in my Pismo region free… I’m an expat and need to be able to watch movies on region 0 instead of the standard 1 or 2. It’s a Mashita drive, DVD-ROM, SR-8174, firmware is C113. I’ve applied a firmware hack via Classic, but am not sure it worked because the firmware reported by the System Profile still regards it as C113 rather than the hacked X113 version. Now, here’s the problem, I spent a couple of hours researching and cursing the lack of information and results reporting on the subject online, and I can’t even seem to find an application that’ll even work well enough to tell me whether I have and RPC-1 or an RPC-2 drive! I’m suspecting that I have RPC-2, but since I can’t tell if the firmware hack worked, (nothing in the error log confirms conclusively or warns of failure), I don’t know if I’m still at risk of locking in a region. Where can a girl find conclusive confirmation these days! Argh!

Shouldn’t there be a way to access the region stuff in Terminal? Anyone know if the RPC info is available this way? UNIX- save me! *on knees begging*

As I said, if anyone has niblets of wisdom on the topic… get on the virtual horn and comment please.


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  1. Hey Jen,

    Pismo owners to the rescue 🙂

    Have you checked the drive under OS9’s system profiler? I just plugged my Pismo dvd into my OS9 Lombard, and the revision number comes up as X113.

    Once you’ve region fixed your drive with the firmware hack, you need to get a copy of Region X (if you haven’t already) which is a neat app that will let you do your region swapping – some discs from memory will refuse to run on a region-less drive.


  2. Thanks for chiming in Matt! I didn’t boot into 9 to do it, but used Classic mode to do the firmware hack… did you do it all booted into 9? I could try that…
    I did already download Region, both for classic and x. I’ll take another stab at it later to see if it works.


  3. Matt sent this to me via email since the server seemed to fight him when posting his comment. All seems well now, but here’s what he wrote:

    Hey Jen,
    Your comments system seems to be broken at the moment – just going to a blank white page after hitting submit…

    Anyway, yeah classic doesn’t generally have access to hardware so you’ll need to apply the patch via OS 9. Once that’s done you can set the CD & DVD pref pane to launch Region X whenever you load a video DVD.

    I’ve got Lars Von Trier’s Kingdom on UK format, and another disc in US format as well as Australian format stuff I bought locally. The whole concept of limiting region changes is majorly dodgy, heh and here I thought “globalism” was supposed to help people trade internationally.


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