Tip o’ the Day: Character Palatte & Bookmarks Bar

Good morning y’all!
I was marvelling at the freakish numbers of bookmarks I keep, and thought to myself, “Self- there’s got to be a better way to cram more of the sites I love into the bookmarks bar…”

So, I got to thinking about the Character Palette in Mac OS X. To activate this handy thing as a Menu item, go here, (as illustrated below), and put a check into the Character Palette box. My Mac is set up as a US keyboard, but I enabled the CP to have quick access to keys I don’t have enabled, like the British “£” symbol. When you need something like that, just bring up Character Palette menu from the top of your screen, find the symbol you’re looking for and double click the pictograph of it to insert it wherever your cursor is in any open application.
Screenshot 02

Which brings me back to the Bookmarks Bar… I thought, if I can insert a symbol to represent a URL name, then I can save tons of space and get more sites crammed in for quick access! (My simple genius frightens most lower plant life and arthropods, but I’ve not known it to put off mortals yet… *grin*) So, it’s not perfect, and can be difficult to “read” at higher screen resolutions, but, my ultimate plan is to create a specific dingbat font just for my link abbreviations. I’ll just load it into the System fonts permanently and enjoy custom legibility and increased efficiency in my browser.
Here’s a snappy of what it looks like after some brief playing around: