Spam: eat me.

Spam. Everyone makes fun of it. No one admits to eating it, let alone, liking it… Oh, but I did.
Years ago, long before the day I gave up meat, I liked Spam. I ate Spam-burgers; I ate it straight from the tin; I fried it up in butter and loved what that gelatinous goo that surrounds the “product” turned into when it touched a hot pan. I didn’t eat it often, but perhaps as often as more than once per month is a fair guess.

But this isn’t a post about the famous, museum worthy, underdog of the potted meat products. Nope. I mean spam-spam. You know, the ads for online gambling, poker, prescription drugs for whatever ails you, loose women, housewives, transsexuals, cheap software, free computers, or all of the above. Spam. If Spam the luncheon meat is really the flotsam and jetsam of the abattoir, then truly the definition of that which slips its way into your inbox and blog comments is whatever the Hormel factory would have rejected. Spam is crap. Straight from the butcher’s floor- crap. The unloved pig-bits of uninvited data not even good enough to make a bag of digital pork rinds.

So, I got me a plug-in installed for WordPress now. It’s supposed to work better and more behind-the-scenes than the other stuff out there. Nellus pointed me to it. Now I point you… WP Hashcash. I’m not 100% clear how it works yet, but after reading what nellus wrote and the info dev from the site, I decided to give it a whirl.

I’ll update you on the success or failure of it.
BTW, each link in this post will lead you to a different place, most relating to Spam both as a pop-culture food and as the black plague of the internet. Enjoy… and let me know if you visit the Spam Museum. Post photos if you do…

Until later, (which will likely be less confessional),