This too shall pass… I hope…

Aw, geez.

The perils of having piercings… I’ve sorta done this before, (years ago), but it was a nice smooth, stainless steel ball then. It only came unscrewed and was unceremoniously swallowed. This time it’s different… There’s danger afoot, dear kitties.

Here’s the skinny:
I was cooly sitting on the sofa, enjoying a simple dish of seasoned brown rice with salt n’ pepper prawns, when-
I split the top acrylic ball of my tongue piercing in half and managed to slip it down my gullet with a mouthful of tasty rice. I’ve smashed these plastic bits into submission before, that’s why I wear the plastic one’s mostly- I don’t trust my own mandibular coordination, but I’d yet to swallow any shrapnel until today. With any luck, it’s not perforating my intestines, carving it’s name into my spleen, or giving claw marks down the walls of my tum-tum. Hopefully the radical chunk of decorative acrylic is just queuing for a pooing. (Sorry, couldn’t resist a bit of silly toilet humour… *grin*)

I guess if I bleed to death in the night, you’ll know what happened.

Now, need to get another ball for this thingy…

What I’m listening to right now:
Horror Business from the album “Misfits” by Misfits

3 thoughts on “This too shall pass… I hope…”

  1. Yeah… I didn’t get an instruction manual either when I got the stab.

    Hope your new piercing is healing and less bothersome now- mine took awhile to heal, but that’s due to a shitty piercer, not the location or procedure (when done properly…).

    It’s 4am and I’ve not been to bed yet… Whhheeeee! šŸ™‚

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