Feeling pretty cool…

Hey kitties~

I’ve been validating XHTML and CSS this afternoon for that pet project site I mentioned before. I didn’t get to it for a couple of days, but am back on track.

I have slain a major dragon… Internet Explorer. I validate just fine without the hack to make that dumbass browser behave, so I put a disclaimer in a code comment on the source… I earned those WC3 buttons, goddammit, IE will not rob them from me!

Screenshot 01-1

I’ve got some more pages to do for the validation process, but will put a link to the site in here later. I’m really starting to soak this stuff in. Feels good.

I’m one beaming little monkey…
Oh- the coolest part…
I have consistency between Safari, IE, Firefox and Netscape. w00t!


What I’m listening to right now:
Muscle Museum – Muse

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