Call me thrifty

…or call me ghetto-
I’m gonna try this:
Vodka Alchemy

Then, I’m gonna try this one:
Tequila Alchemy

Thanks to Matt for leaving me the vodka link! I’m gonna pick up a new pitcher and filters soon…
I’m no stranger to concocting a strange brew in the home, as you can see from my steep-method Absinthe experiment photo:
Screenshot 01
That’s all home-grown Wormwood in there. I bought five shrubs just for such experimentation and harvesting. The experiment involved a couple of weeks of steeping Wormwood in Vodka in a dark cupboard and then straining it as thoroughly as possible through cotton fabric. (Lots of other herbs went into the recipe as well, but it’s pointless to list them here.) It worked, not much evaporation or loss of liquid, (it was in a sealed glass pitcher), but the result was… erm… vile. At best. Whoa, Nelly.
The resulting beverage, (*cough*), was only possible to consume when mixed into a standard, shelf-bought, absinthe. Even then, the bitterness of the witches brew permeated the senses like a swift stab to the tongue. That’s only putting half an ounce of the crap in the glass!

Being a trooper, thrifty and a down-right glutton for punishment, the elixir of pain was systematically added to many glasses of absinthe in the hope that the purity of poison would bring us closer to the fairy via intoxication.

I do think it produced a slightly different buzz compared to the typically mellow bliss of the purely store bought variety, however, it’s not worthy of repeating the experiment. So it goes…

Anyway, the vodka filtration sounds infinitely safer, cleaner and successful. The tequila process will just be fun to try, as I’m known amongst my friends as one of the only carbon-based life forms on the planet to actually kinda like the taste anyway.


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