Tip o’ the Day

When going transatlantic with your personal book collection, take a moment to photograph the spines of all the books you pack into the M-Bags you’re sending through the United States Post Office. They will not insure, guarantee, track or reassure you that your collection will arrive, safe, sound, in good condition, all items intact, or whatever. I sent two M-Bags, at just under 60lbs each, full of books I cared enough about to move 4000 miles to my new home. M-Bags are cheap and the weight restriction is hefty- perfect for moving books.
I sent the first bag in early October. The second was sent in early November. The November bag came over in nearly the right timeframe and in nearly as good a condition as I’d packed it. (The books are boxed, sealed and put into the large canvas M-Bags for transport.)
The one from October just got here today.
Sort of.
I am missing the bag itself as well as 14 out of 37 books. The books that did arrive were repacked during shipment into one of the three boxes that was in the bag. My books have certainly been roughed up a bit. Not like Turkish Prison roughed up, but they certainly look as though they’ve been dumped and shuffled quite a bit.

I’m not happy but, on a positive note, I can replace all but one through Amazon.co.uk. Granted, I’m not going to replace them all and have whittled the list down to 6 books I’d like to replace. The only reason I’m able to get these ordered is due to my slightly superstitious and sometimes intensely practical nature: I photographed the contents of each box, spines exposed for reference. There’s only one mystery book, and that’s due to it being a spiral bound book. I think it was on digital photography, but am not entirely sure. I’ll live I suppose.

Nowthen, back to geeking. I’m making mondo progress on my CSS understanding and XHTML code. Thanks to Neil for throwing a rope when my brain was mired in redundant and irrelevant code. A fresh look at my fumblings and he was able to assist me just enough to promote some real progress from my clumsy efforts. I’ve got about six more pages of XHTML Transitional to work on before the site is done, but I should be wrapping that up before long. I’ll give a link when I’m finished so you can check it out. (Don’t be too exited, I am new at this, kitties! *grin*)


What I’m listening to right now:
I Left My Wallet in El Segundo from the album “Peoples’ Instinctive Travels & the Paths of Rhythm” by A Tribe Called Quest