Almost famous-

I’m stoked. Thanks to Matt for finding my blog via the most unbelievably cool link ever… (so far…)

I was mentioned for my Powerbook blog entry on MacSurfer!
I’m grinning like a monkey on a banana heap over it!
Here’s my little bit of geek fame in capture form… I know that lots of peeps get mentioned on MacSurfer- but it’s new and quite intoxicating to me. (Don’t worry, I’m not practising my parade wave just yet.)

What I’m listening to right now:
In The Neck from the album “Beers Steers + Queers” by Revolting Cocks

2 thoughts on “Almost famous-”

  1. Hey jEN,

    just shows how much attention I pay to things when I blogged (okay bragged) about my MacSurfer listing I didn’t notice your bit a few lines below.


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