It’s all her fault

Hey kitties! The woman above is my mom. I’m all her fault… She’s the wonderful woman who brought me into this world, raised me and warped me, has shared tears, laughs, and more lengthy conversations about everything and nothing with me than anyone. She’s absolutely wonderful. We overlap in many of the same loves and interests- dislike and fret over several similar things. She’s both a mom and a best friend.

Now, here’s some silly pics of me growing up… I’m missing some of my photos in the US, so the punk years unfortunately aren’t well represented here, but I’ll share them one day with you. In the meantime, enjoy these little glimpses into my past. Happy Birthday to me. Thanks mom. *hug*

Justborn JenPinkinpool JenPinksuitJen PresentsJen VestSpikesuitSeniorkdress

Have a great weekend my pals! I send you festive smooches from the UK!

What I’m listening to right now:
Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix) from the album “Remixes 81-04” by Depeche Mode

3 thoughts on “It’s all her fault”

  1. Pics:
    1. “I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter” I do love the clearly emerging punk mohawk in the first pic.
    2. Lemme see more of that soggy crochet bikini look, baby! yeah!
    3. “Hehe… I did a stinky”
    4. “Look, mom, I covered all the furniture in Christmas paper.”
    5. “I like knitted clothes. No, I really do.”
    6. “In order to be at one with the animals, one needs to be an animal. I’m sweatin’.”
    7. “If the top of this dress falls down any lower, that photographer’s gonna end up in prison.”
    8. “I’z gonna kill yo’ ass”
    9. “I love to french kiss furry animals.”
    10. “Hehe… I did a stinky.”
    11. “I’m working my way through the Pantone swatch book.”
    12. “Now if I concentrate real hard I can give the impression of cure innocence.”
    13. “I have an odd premonition of impending pain.”
    14. “OK, if he just sticks that thing in me three or four thousand more times, I’m gonna tattoo his eye.”
    15. “My eyes match my neck thing… and a bit of my shoulder… and that tomato.”

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