Ok… cat’s out of the bag

Thanks to a comment by Dale on my last post, (don’t worry Dale- I still love you), the sensitive information regarding my birthday has been revealed. Tomorrow I shall add another year to my age. I’m cool with it- I’m not one of those women that needs to be ’29’ for ten years… my 29th year actually sucked, if memory serves… I was in full blown Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, premature chemical birth control induced Menopause, as well as building a lovely little Cancer tumour on my cervix. Twenty-nine could’ve been better. I, for one, am more than happy to have moved on from there. 🙂

This year is shaping up nicely. The nastiness that I just mentioned has all but been kicked to the curb. Lungs are in dramatically better shape and thanks to the primo surgeons at UW Madison’s Hospitals, the cancer thing is but a surreal memory. (I didn’t get surgery that year, but I will be three years cancer-free in March of this year. That’s just about enough of a clue if you want my age…)

I’ll be celebrating with some friends locally who have a birthday within the same 48 hour timeframe as mine. Good food, drinks and laughter are guaranteed.

Perhaps I’ll have photographic evidence of the merriment…

Which, by the way, I have tinkered a bit more with the photoblog issue and will be attempting to use ecto for adding some photos to my blog. I really like the full features of Pixelpost, but I want it to be more tightly integrated with my blog. I do like the stuff I’ve learned about folderblog, but since I’m going to transition to using ecto more frequently for my blogging post construction, I thought I’d give the photo capabilities a whirl.

Off to geek-