What’s jEN doing for New Year’s?

Hello kitties…
You might expect a jet-setting american wondergirl, with her finger tracing lightly on the pulse of the happenin’ and now, to be knee-deep in festive planning, slinking into a drop-dead party dress, dusting her eyelids with gossamer glitter eyeshadow and preparing a midnight toast to herald in the New Year…

Well, I’ve got some shimmer on my lids, but am knee-deep in a book on PHP, test pages appearing on both my Pismo and my G4, a binaural brain wave feast infiltrating my ear canals, and a modest, half-full* glass of water in front of me. I’m not exactly the definitive entry for “festive” right now.

I’m still in a sinus mire. I have a cough that won’t release the last talon from my lungs. I am in fuzzy slippers.

Bring it on, New Year. It’s got to go up from here. šŸ™‚

More later as the posts continue to flow.


* so I’m optimistic… it’s a character flaw, I’m sure of it.