reset-nvram reset-all reset-nothing-ya-bastards

My battery life on my Pismo is pitiful. Open Firmware and PMU resets did nothing to resurrect even a few percentages more on the juice meter than I had already.

I fear that a third party battery replacement is in my near future lest I remain tethered by the power cord. Argh.

I’m off for a whopping ten minutes of mobile computing powerhouse activity… (good thing I’ve got my G4 Dual to help me cope…)

smooches whilst I wait for the ball to drop~

2 thoughts on “reset-nvram reset-all reset-nothing-ya-bastards”

  1. Hi jEN,

    have you run a battery conditioner? I know some PB’s had them as part of the original install in MacOS 9. I have run the 3rd party BatteryAmnesia on this PB G4 and it did give me about 30 minutes extra, it had been down to about 45 minutes.


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