OMG… geek bliss

Before it’s “so last year…”

Here’s a picture of me and a geek hero I met at the London Mac Expo 2004.
Me and Andy Inhatko

Who’s the geek hero I met? The one and only Andy Inhatko. That’s me standing with him, my chin quivering in the excitement of the moment and hoping that the lighting is adequate enough for a non flash exposure. (and it was)
I stood listening to his every word of advice to a woman asking basic tech questions when my golden moment appeared… He couldn’t remember a colleague’s name. He needed the name… he remembered the website but went blank for a name…
Wait your turn, jEN… steady… stay out of the conversation… don’t look eager…
Aw- fuck it.

Ted Landau.
*ding ding ding ding ding! w00t!*
That was the name he was looking for and I produced it with ease. He was a tad embarrassed for not remembering, though he’d just had lunch with him recently, but hey- Andy, I know how it goes. Sometimes the brain just freezes on the semi-critical stuff. Glad to help out a fellow nerd, man…
Nowthen, can I get a pic with you?

Ok… I was pretty cool, but not that egocentric. I was a silly little girl wrapped thinly in a veil of serious geek chic. I was stupidly starstruck and a bit high after the brief encounter. I’m a dork. But at least I’m a dork with the right info when the chips are down. I suppose that makes me a tiny bit proud. 😀

smooches and gushes~