Ever wonder what’s inside your aging Apple laptop?

I came across a fella who has taken apart a handful of aging Powerbooks and documented the steps involved with great care. If you’ve ever had the desire to break all the warranty rules or are so far past the last day of AppleCare that it doesn’t even matter anymore… peek at this guy’s site and keep your hands off your toolbox until you perform a critical backup first.

open a mac at your own risk…

I’ve popped the hood on my Pismo a few times in the past, but only for an Airport install and upper and lower RAM upgrades. I’ve not really had the need to do anything else- though my inner tinkerer wants a reason to justify…
I really found the site because of a search for battery replacements for my aging black beauty. Now I know what lurks inside her expensive rechargeable. Neat! I still need a new battery, but I at least have satisfied the curiosity of what lurks inside that pricey brick.

This is going to be a post heavy day… it’s the last day of 2004… I’m going to make the most of it.


One thought on “Ever wonder what’s inside your aging Apple laptop?”

  1. Hey jEN,

    the site looks interesting it would have been useful in my last life doing Mac support. It is a shame it is too late for me to set up a site showing things inside Mac’s that shouldn’t be there! I guess there will be one somewhere on the web.

    I look forward to your ‘heavy posting day’ I am making the first day of 2005 a total blog day check Db4D for details.

    Hope the cold/flu is better.


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