I’ve really seen it all now…

I was playing, no- creating, with a friend’s knock off make Etch-A-Sketch the other day. We were impressing each other with our mad skillz at creating basic shapes- having a good giggle at the circles that really looked a bit more like lemons. (Circles are damn hard to make on an Etch-A-Sketch I tell ya…)
Life was good. We rode the train to Reading- the rails of life’s simple pleasures speeding beneath us, not the least of which was the timeless joy brought to each generation by the swishing refresh of the Etch-A-Sketch…

Then I found this talented fucker…
George Vlosich’s Art Gallary


There’s always someone out there who makes you realise that you’ve really not applied yourself 100% to the cause, isn’t there?

Oh- by the way… I’m feeling somewhat better. The flu/cold beast from Hell’s left testicle has subsided to a tolerable level now. I feel as though I’ve been doing abdominal exercises for days straight thanks to surprise fits of sneezing and coughing, but overall, a bit of tone in that area isn’t unwelcome, shall we say… The fever dreams were mostly fun, though I don’t remember enough detail to share. I have a new favourite “tea” – Lem-Sip Max Strength. I feel a small dependence issue forming. *smirk*

Truly though, I’m on the mend and the proof is that I’m running a load of laundry and using a smidgen of strength to tidy up a little around me. I’ve been down and out for the better part of a week and I’m going nuts from inactivity. I suspect I’ll wear myself down into an unavoidable nap later, but I know that’s the hand I’m dealing myself and am fine with it. As long as I get some shit done, I’ll be pleased with the progress of today.

smooches and silvery lemons~

One thought on “I’ve really seen it all now…”

  1. Hey jEN,

    glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.

    ‘Then I found this talented fucker‚Äö?Ѭ?’ there’s always one isn’t there, like the gits who could do the Rubick’s cube in 30 seconds!

    Yes the ‘Lemony life giving’ powders can be great can’t they, but as one who has been there I must say ‘Put down the kettle and step away from that sachet’ . 🙂

    I am currently working on my own mini-addiction, mind bending Chilli ! It is also good against colds 🙂


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