argh… snort. hack, sputter, wheeze…

Christmas was good overall. Time with family was good, food was good, weather was wet and mild… which is pretty good.

Now I’m sick. (That’s less than good…)

For those scoring from home, illness is just as bad on the other side of the Atlantic. I have a chest and head cold- and I must say that the symptoms are just as icky here abroad as they were in the belly of America. Not that I truly expected a halcyon experience on the cold and flu front, no, but I was hoping that leaving the country helmed by Bush might have diluted the snotty-headed malaise.

Oh well. Lem-Sip Maximum Strength and plenty of fluids… I’ll be back on top in short order.

smooches to you (but from a safe distance)~

2 thoughts on “argh… snort. hack, sputter, wheeze…”

  1. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Tomorrow I will ritually sacrifice two slices of toast in order to speed your recovery. Yep political correctness sure sucks the fun out of Pagan rituals 🙂

    Kev, in full bio-chem Noddy Suit.

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