History repeats itself…

Hey there kitties…

I was cleaning some images off of my Mac for no particular purpose outside of general clutter redemption, when I came across an image from ancient Egypt. I’ve always been intrigued with that time and place, but have no recollection as to why I would’ve downloaded this particular image.

After studying and judging it’s worthiness to remain on the drive or not, I noticed something peculiar about it…

I’ve enhanced what I saw in the tablet by using a crude layer in Photoshop, carefully taking down the opacity to 50% so that you may see through to the unaltered tablet.

I see hip hop jeans and trainers.

Tell me you see something less clear than the harbinger of street wear to come…

Here’s the photo:

Egyptian street wear

BTW- if you do venture onto the P. Diddy/Sean John site from the above link, admire the Flash intro… it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.



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One thought on “History repeats itself…”

  1. Hey jEN,

    you have hit on one of the major conspiracies that the Discovery Network has not done a season on, yet! The theory runs like this : Everything has already been invented in ancient times but only the secret Cabal that runs the world as access to the stuff and releases it gradually so we think progress is a great thing.

    Check out the Mona Lisa if you look carefully at the thumb on her right hand you can see where they have photoshoped out her iPod mini. Why else would she have such an enigmatic look while having to sit for hours, unless she was listing to her fav tunes.


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