Yay! I’m learning stuff! And resuming my stretchies!

So I’ve been working a bit on some XHTML validation… (Transitional, in case you care.)
I’m really beginning to appreciate this stuff! I’ve not worked on the little side project I teased you about a couple of posts ago, but I’ll get back into it tomorrow I expect. I’m itching to try a couple of CSS things that I’ve been looking at, so I need to get crackin’ again.

Speaking of cracking… I’ve started to resume my yoga routine. Yeah, spank me. I’ve been bad and neglected my stretchies for awhile. It shows too! I warm up quickly, but there is a distinct muscle burn when I begin the asanas. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with my new surroundings lately- the move put my whole life slightly off kilter, but things are shaping up. I’m keeping busy, my body has adjusted to the time and place, so now it’s just a matter of getting my limber level up again. Yoga does amazing things for more than your physical tone. It really does clear the mind, helps my breathing, (I’m a well managed asthmatic), and helps my focus issues… ADD, remember…
So it feels good to be doing it again. Winter is such a nasty time of year to self-improve physically, but I’m determined. I’m sure that’s why so many New Year’s resolutions fail… whose bright idea was it start resolutions in the sloth months anyway?! I mean, sandwich well-intentioned self-improvement between Thanksgiving/Christmas/Pick-a-Holiday-That-Suits-You and Valentines’ chocolates… (not to mention the impending doom of Easter candy), and you’ve got the formula for failure-city.

Well, I’m just getting back onto the yoga thing and leaving it at that. No pressure and I enjoy it. Well… ok, a little pressure… I have my pre-move clothes to fit back into… argh. It’s a cold time of year to be nekid…

smooches of the validated and limber~

3 thoughts on “Yay! I’m learning stuff! And resuming my stretchies!”

  1. Hey jEN,

    I have a Yoga question. What is the difference or crossover between Yoga and Meditation ? A few times in the past I have tried ‘Hamsa’ meditation but have never really got anywhere with it.


  2. Hey Kev-
    There was a particularly fun television program on in the US called “Inhale”- that’s where I started with yoga years ago. It’s not pretentious or full of flatliner music, but rather a light-hearted approach that still kicks your ass. It involves yoga for the bulk of the hour, then about 10 mins of meditation lying on the floor in corpse pose. Only at the meditation stage does it go into some ambient music and subtle guided meditation. It’s mostly about letting go and being “in the moment” instead of concerning yourself with the past or future. It’s really quite cool. I have a bunch of episodes burned to DVD in NTSC format… I could send you a couple of episodes if you want to check it out…
    Don’t know if you can play Region 1 or not… let me know if you want me to send you a disc.

    So, that’s how I do it, using meditation in the breathing of each Asana, but not totally disciplined at it until lying still after an hour of yoga. I love it when I’m doing it and how I feel afterwards. I’ve been terrible about the routine for about half a year, but I think that’s acceptable… 😉

    Meditation on it’s own is kind of difficult to get into at first. I’ve done it, but I have a terrible time shutting my mind off. I have done it with candle flame and such, but I really prefer the way I do it after yoga.

    smooches from the long-winded~

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