This is going to get a lot more complex…

BBC NEWS | England | London | City dealer murdered by intruders

Ok… so, I have numerous problems with this news article and the details of the crime.

a. Robbers are cowards. They don’t break in when you’re home, (two adults and a child no less), and they don’t do it just after supper time.

b. Robbers aren’t looking to stab people. They want to steal things. They aren’t looking to increase the dry cleaning bill to get your blood off their clothes.

c. The “robbers” were 5ft3″ and 5ft6″. Those aren’t thugs. Those are kids. The report describes them as “men.” I’m in that height range. I may be strong, but I’d hardly believe that these were full grown men with illicit careers.

d. He was an “incredibly gentle and thoughtful man” – that’s not the kind of guy that ends up dead in his home without pissing anyone off. The guy was a “Legal and General bond dealer.” He may have pissed someone off in his dealings or…

e. … maybe daddy did something to piss off the 12 year old daughter who wasn’t home. There’s also no mention of the 9 year old daughter being injured. It could certainly be possible that the elder girl instructed/employed classmates/friends to go rough up or kill daddy but not to harm her sister. Mom might have just gotten in the way.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled. This story isn’t anywhere near being as simple as the BBC is reporting. Guess I’m in a conspiracy frame of mind…

Oh yeah… and what was stolen anyway? No mention of that either. Strange that.


One thought on “This is going to get a lot more complex…”

  1. Hey jEN,

    it does all sound odd. I see Sky are describing them as youths which kind of puts some of your speculation in play.
    It would seem an odd target for a couple of smack-heads (or whatever) to take on for some fix money.

    If no one is caught for it soon then it does have all the makings of a good conspiracy.


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