buttery bliss amiss

Action kitties!

Just saw Finding Neverland last night- such a Depp fan! Pretty good movie. The theatre here in Maidenhead is amazing- huge wonderful seats. They don’t even fold up- they’re just roomy and comfortable with high backs! Though the seating is assigned here sometimes, (that was odd to learn), the large seats allow for a certain distancing regardless of the surrounding chatty ladies… whom I wanted to choke… Rules for the cinema are the same no matter where you go, people… shut the heck up when the big reels are moving. Period. I managed to tune them out and enjoyed the film.

Movie popcorn it the same the world over, however, once again, the people of England prove their complete distaste for providing customer service. They had run out of butter for the popcorn. Uh… that just wouldn’t happen in the US! There’d be riots in the streets if we should be deprived of the glistening goodness. That slippery satisfaction… tut. Whatever. It was pretty good anyway, not to mention decidedly healthier.

I’m kicking into gear more and more here. I’ve adjusted to the time zone and my guts are following at a close second. You have no idea what jet lag can do to your whole body if you’ve not experienced it yourself- but it can be quite unpleasant.
All in all- I’ll get into some regular, (that is in the URL name now isn’t it), posting soon. This is the start and my brain needs to bleed out onto the digital page.