You make the rockin’ world go round…

Kitty girlies… start your engines. It is permissible to eat Twinkies again. We have an image to uphold. The mannequins of the world are shifting the anorexia balance to the realm of the badonkadonk. Permission to be luscious, sir. Have you met my junk in the trunk?
View, from a safe distance, the tipping of the cellulite scales… I think I have to get some chips and dip in…
Big-Bottomed Mannequins Boost Profile in New York
As if I didn’t already feel unfashionable… now I have to specifically mould my ass instead of just becoming nutritionally unsound all over.
Tut. Ain’t pop culture grand…

good night and a smooch laced with pizza breath~

p.s… extra cheese.

3 thoughts on “You make the rockin’ world go round…”

  1. sorry kitties…

    It’s not that kind of site. 😉
    You’ll have to be satisfied with what’s on the DotMac page. See the link in the sidebar.

    smooches from the flattered~

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