I thought I would miss Taco Bell…

Greetings kitties~

Day two of not reporting to my punch-clock life. It’s pretty cool. Well, except for the stress related melt down I had over the weekend into yesterday. That was decidedly uncool. When faced with some forms of stress, my body creates a severe common cold and incapacitates me for about a day. It’s inconvenient and unpleasant, but forces me to take a step back and refocus. I’m back on track now. And productive. All is well.

Well, sort of well…
I eat pretty healthily most of the time. I’ve been completely horrible over the past month or so, due to my frenzied relocation efforts. It’s bad enough to move across town, but moving your life around the world is altogether hairier!
So, I’ve been eating some nasty things. I don’t remember the last time I made tofu! Or had a salad! Argh… I can feel the change and it’s awful!
On the way back from the Post Office, (shipping yet another 66 pounds of books), I thought Taco Bell seemed like a great idea. Once in the UK, I’ll have no access to the cheap and spicy goodness I’ve loved for years. I also stopped off for some chocolate. I’m really horrible to my body these days!

No sooner did I get back to the house when the pain took hold. I doubled over from the sharp twisting I felt inside. I’ve not been in this much cramping pain since I had a uterus!

So, really… am I going to miss Taco Bell? Maybe my tongue will… perhaps I’ll go through a slight Fire Sauce withdrawl… but my guts? Well, their position was made quite violently clear. I can only imagine what people who ate the StarLink Corn Taco Bell products must’ve been feeling! Oh- didn’t know about StarLink Corn? Remember when Taco Bell changed all their corn products to a paler yellow? That was the ousting of StarLink Corn. Have a read… our food supply is a frightening thing sometimes…
(Here’s another interesting link on StarLink Corn.)

Who loves ya baby?
I do.
Here’s a smooch to prove it~

One thought on “I thought I would miss Taco Bell…”

  1. Hey jEN,

    glad to hear your packing is on track.

    Food really is a scary business, doubly so if you are lunch šŸ™‚ The GM one that always got me was GM Soya Beans. To me it is mainly vegetarians who eat Soya beans and Soya bean derived products. Vegetarians, at least the ones I have known, tend to want ‘natural’ products so GM’ing them seemed like a bad business move.


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