last day of Freedom…

Heylo kitties~

When I say the last day of Freedom, I refer vaguely to the name of the company I’ve worked for over the last six years. I’ve been a pre press technician, dare I say – specialist, for my whole stint here. It’s been mostly good. I started my job out of a desperate need to be rid of the last place of employment, knew I wanted to work with Macs, and was determined to get this position. I nailed it with some creative language at the interview paired with my obvious enthusiasm and system troubleshooting skills. I had no idea what I was doing with the applications, but I knew I needed to be here. I worked at least 60 hours per week for over a month, soaking up as much knowledge as I could. I’m proud to say I’m good at my job. I actually love what I do to a certain perverse extent.

Today is my last day at Freedom. (insert crowd cheering here)

Many of us are dressed up for Halloween. It’s likely my favourite holiday… well, next to my annual celebration of the opening of the Panama Canal… (August 15th, 1914), I Love Nachos Day (November 6th), Middle Child Day (August 12th)… now, technically, being an only child, can I still celebrate that? Am I not in the middle of nothing? Is being centered not the same as being middle? I digress…
I’m in costume today. I’m the Absinthe Green Fairy. I’m getting lots of compliments for my outfit, though I whipped it together just last night an hour before the fabric store closed… OK, I did buy the wings in advance, but that’s it. You can see a little picture of it on my dotmac right now, but I promise to have better shots in a day or so. I just wanted to get something up there in case a safe falls on my head when I exit the building…

Perhaps another post in a little while, dearests, but for now, I have work to avoid…

*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.

4 thoughts on “last day of Freedom…”

  1. Hi jEN,

    on my last career change I moved to a different job and city, but different ends of the M8 motorway don’t really compare to your move.

    Love the Absinthe Green Fairy costume, I have never had enough Absinthe to see an Absinthe Fairy green or otherwise but I have seen a few Whisky Warlocks and Vodka Vultures 😉


  2. Ah- dear Kevin, when you’re down for a visit, we shall toast with the green elixir and go weightless together!

    I’ve seen the green fairy- and she wields a hammer… heh heh

    smooches of artemesia~

  3. Hmmm… me thinks nellus is sipping something a bit harder than the absinthe… geez… what’s harder than absinthe?

    smooches to the demented~

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