anarchy in the UK

Grocery shopping in the UK is madness. Not in the “Our House”-“Must be Love” sense of Madness, however appropriate that may be, but the chaos involved in this basic hunter-gatherer ritual makes me crazy!

On the upside, I found lots of vegetarian options at Tesco. Sainsbury’s is a nice looking shop, (with slightly more frantic shoppers), but doesn’t have nearly the veg or organic options that are available at Tesco. And, wonderfully enough, I’ve found that the Tesco in-house brand items are very animal friendly. Most products, (didn’t look at every one though), are cruelty-free. šŸ˜€ I’m a happy expat!

There is a distinct lack of foo-foo coffee supplies here though. I can’t find candy-like liquid creamers, but I did find a serviceable syrup. It ain’t Starbuck’s-the home version, but it’ll juice me in the morning adequately.

It’s raining, but I would guess it’s gloomy and colder in Wisconsin right now. I can’t be bothered to check the weather site, but I know what October in Wisconsin is like. (and it’s usually poo.)

Not much to report, and I realize this is a boring post, but I’ve just had lunch, could do with a nap and am generally lazy on rainy days anyway.

Coming to you live from the UK and blowing a smooch your way~

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  1. embrace the details
    of all that surround you
    look for the sharpness and contrast
    wait for the arch of time to unfold
    listen for that you may not had heard before
    be patient to catch the moments
    just before and thereafter
    the obvious flash of the instant

    be alive
    record it
    think about it
    tell me
    speak it
    with passion

    you are it!

  2. Hi jEN,

    ah you have discovered grocery shopping in the UK, you must give us a contrast with the US, I know ASDA is turning Wal-Mart but a first hand comparison would be better.

    I occasionally shop in Tesco and had noticed the vegetarian options, although I only really buy them for the novelty as I not a vegetarian. However as the last love of my life managed to convert me to salads, if the next one is a vegetarian then I am sure I will take that step.

    Now Sainsbury’s, first of all I must point you to my poem ‘Walking Dead’ in the Poetry Spiv collection which I think you said you had downloaded, but more directly to your comment about ‘frantic shoppers’ I think this is down to two things. The first is that Sainsbury’s is seen as a ‘Posh’ shop those who don’t consider themselves posh worry that there is some sort of charge simply for being in the shop and therefore hurry around so the prospective charge is less. Secondly those who consider themselves above the rest and ‘posh’ by the other’s standards are wishing they still had servants to do such menial chores and so rush around frantically so that they are not seen shopping.

    As to sweet concoctions to put in things we don’t really do that, but have you tried Tablet, Coconut Ice or a Macaroon bar? Apologies if these are common place in the US but I have never heard them mentioned on the US TV I watch, anyway we are talking major sugar kick!

    Rain, this may be the hardest lesson of all. The UK rainy season last from January to December with occasional breaks when the clouds run dry. Most of the people you see with suntans are actually rusting šŸ™‚


  3. Hey Kev~

    I will support ASDA and their Walmart fathers when I master the ability to wear my entrails as a tutu.
    As for Sainsbury’s, I did get a slightly different feel about the people there. Interesting you should point that out. Tesco definitely does feel more like “the people’s store” comparatively. I expected Sainsbury’s to have a better vegetarian and cruelty free section, but I guess just looking the part is good enough for them. *oozing sarcasm*

    On a positive note: at least I like rain… It will be interesting to see if my pale skin rusts… šŸ˜‰

  4. Hi jEN,

    yes I avoid ASDA as much as I can since the WalMart assimilation, just waiting for them to start selling guns and ammo. Mind you I found their fresh food rancid enough, the last time and I mean the last time done a food shop there the fresh peppers I bought had a live moth in them!

    I think Sainsbury’s are having difficulties and their ranges are missing options, they were top shop in the late 80′ and early 90’s but TESCO started pushing the ‘WalMart’ style hypershops and overtook them, they saw some expansion with the ‘Local’ options but everyone including TESCO are in this area. I expect the next large US group that is not already in the UK market will be eyeing them up for take over soon.

    I like spectacular rain, real heavy drumming you into the ground rain, what depresses me is the sort of constant drizzle that you get too often.


    ps Please don’t try the tutu thing it may hurt a little šŸ™‚

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