why do I have to sit next to the gassy guy?

I just got back from another weekend trip to my new home, Maidenhead. I still am shocked and amazed that flying to London with my belongings is cheaper than shipping them. Granted, I could probably ship over sea pretty cheaply and am doing do with part of my book collection, but I’d rather accompany my most treasured items in person. Now, I’m not handcuffing myself to my suitcases like a Guy Ritchie diamond merchant, but at least I get the piece of mind that my shit is stowed on the same plane I am. I take some comfort in that.

See my dotmac* page for mildly informative and completely boring pics of my new abode. It was a drizzly, and at one point, hailing weather weekend, but I don’t mind that a bit. I was considering relocation to the upper west coast once- the Vancouver/Washington state area- so a little damp and rain shall not put me off.

I’ve got another trip planned before the final, one-way transatlantic flight. I’ve got a bunch more of my things to move, but I’m getting to the point where the items are meaning less and the cases are getting heavier. I find that I’ll need organisational items pretty desperately, so I’ll have to pack items into the things that could help me stay tidy and get them over there soon. I hate living out of boxes, but I hate living from piles of stuff even more.

I did have an opportunity to walk around the town of Maidenhead a lot this weekend. I found some things that comforted me with familiarity and other things that frustrated me with newness. I have a learning curve ahead kitties… I’m moving to another country and changing cultures as much as I’m changing jobs. It’s going to take time to adjust to all the aspects of daily life, but I’m ready for the bull with my red cape drawn and waving.

Bring it on, England. I’m ready.

Oh, and the title of this entry has to do with the fella on the plane back from the UK, not the fella I’m rooming with in the UK… heh heh. (Well, ok, he had his moments too… LOL)


*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.

2 thoughts on “why do I have to sit next to the gassy guy?”

  1. yeah yeah… guess that’s what I get for making a dish with broccoli and beans. I must admit, there was a bugle wielding dwarf following me around the flat a bit too. You must contact the landlord about such nuisances.


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