every single one of us, devil inside

I love chocolate.

No… I really looooove chocolate. There’s a reason I don’t buy it often. I love it. Most commercial chocolate bars are pretty shit. Then there’s chocolate candy bars. That category would include Snickers, Kit Kat, Whatchamacalit, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups… (Zero doesn’t count because it’s white chocolate and nougat. That’s a different animal altogether.)

Well… I need chocolate today. So… I mosey on over to our vending machines here at the workplace and scan the calorie laden contents. The chocolate row seems a little slim but lurking at the end is the day’s salvation.
One Hershey’s S’mores bar.
Typically, I am not fond of Hershey’s chocolate. It’s waxy and commercial. I like Lindt very much, but no one stocks that in the machines (thank god). I also like a handful of crappy commercial chocolate candy bars, though my taste for many of them has waned in my adulthood. I’ll still partake in a Snickers, a Kit Kat, Whatchamacallit, Reese’s, or a Milky Way… They all have additional ingredients like caramel or peanuts… so that’s acceptable. It’s kind of like ice cream. You can pile a bunch of stupid toppings onto a sundae and enjoy it completely, however, if you want a good Vanilla ice cream that you can eat plain – well, that’s a different category of ice cream altogether. You choose the plain ice cream more carefully. I think this way with chocolate.
Back to the chocolate.
Well, the S’mores bar also gives me a strange nostalgic satisfaction. I was a girl scout for years and years. We camped. We made s’mores. There’s something about chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallow that makes me go weak. This little candy bar is brilliant. All the bliss without burning your tongue on molten marshmallow or singing shitty camp songs. I swear I only went to camp to make s’mores and catch snakes. I am halfway to that time again, right now in my mind, as I sit here wallowing cheap commercial chocolate wrapped bliss over my tongue. The bar is smaller than many in the machine, but for a few minutes it gives me a memory. I hold onto that smoky campfire just long enough to finish the treat and realise once more that there’s a reason I don’t waste my money on chocolate candy bars often- Hershey’s chocolate still tastes waxy and now I’m out seventy cents, up eleven fat grams and sinking into the reality that I’ve got over an hour of work to go and an impending sugar low to look forward to.

Fuck. Why am I so easy?

smooches laced with sweets~

5 thoughts on “every single one of us, devil inside”

  1. The best way to deal with chocolate addiction is not to give it up, I can hear you choking on that S’mores bar from here at the very thought šŸ™‚

    What you need to do is become a “Choco-Extremist”.
    To do this you must follow these simple rules.
    1. No chocolate bar with less than 70% cocoa will pass your lips.
    2. It must be Fair Trade chocolate See here it is getting easier
    3. Spend all your spare time trying to hunt chocolate bars with greater than 74% cocoa, this is mainly done in ‘One World” type shops with South American ‘ethnic’ clothing and lots of incense for sale.

    Soon you will be torching vending machines with their hideous contents just like very other well adjusted person….

    … as you said “every single one of us, devil inside”

    { insane laughter, fading to sound of chocolate bar being unwrapped }



  2. You haven’t seen the way she eats chocolate…
    I can only describe the tightly closed-lipped expression as “there’s no f****ing way I’m letting even one molecule of this delicious, serotonin inducing substance escape”. In Star Trek terms her mind-state might be described as a temporary shift in dimensional phase displacement.
    Whe I get the opportunity I’m gonna stick neddles in her hands while she eats – I guarantee there will be no pain and no blood (but perhaps some trans-dimensional disturbance resulting in most of Mongolia being covered in blue toilet tissue).

  3. Yeah… wait til I get my paws on some chocolates from that joint in downtown Maidenhead…
    Handmade num nums… mmmmmmm… dreamy.

    Someone should phone the Prime Minister of Mongolia with a tip…

    Oh, and as far as sticking needles into me: I’ve walked on fire… your acupuncturist interruptions will likely not phase me… not in a chocolatey moment of bliss.
    Mind over matter, you understand.

    Oh- and I do prefer organic chocolates- which are more difficult to find, but often worth it. I only eat the convenience poo when I really have to have a fix. Choco-junkie…

    Now, who do I contact to get a call to Mongolia?


  4. Just ask my boss bob about chocolate and i… i have it so bad that anything with just a hint of the stuff gets me going. I have had to leave my cubicle world mid job to run on over to the pig for a tub of chocolate pudding. And yet on the trip back who can resist the king burger joint’s drive thru for a chocolate shake to wash down the pudding. Most of this happens before lunch! Oh how i’m a bad boy… Icecream sandwich anyone?

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