something to celebrate – really it is

Ok… this is what I thought deserved it’s own post:

You all know that my life is in transition. I’m in an ending marriage and a big move. I’ve got roughly ten years to condense into a group of suitcases and boxes. I move fully in November. I’m taking part in international travel. I’m changing jobs. My oldest cat is dying. I haven’t sold my car yet. I’ve never made an Ebay auction, but need to do many. I so want to bite my nails but am trying to quit. (Again.) I’ve still not gotten back into my yoga routine since the motorcycle accident and I have the 10-15 pounds to prove it. If I weren’t taking it all so well, by the horns perhaps, then I would be a perfect definition of Koyaanisqatsi.

Well, how about this one. Tomorrow is my 9 year wedding anniversary. I’m going to buy a cake. We’re still friends- dare I say closer now than when we were married- and I feel that our life together can be celebrated. We weren’t happy all the time, but it wasn’t all a mire of despair either. We had some pretty good times. Genuine laughs. Honest cries. We had a decent marriage by most standards, in that we didn’t yell at each other, didn’t hit each other, didn’t sleep around on each other… We were the american dream to our friends. Our hearts weren’t in it the way they should’ve been, but dammit, we accomplished something.

So I’m going to buy a cake and we’re going to celebrate our marriage. I think it’s worth celebrating.
Cake and champagne. I must go shopping…