life is good… moving’s a bitch

Hey kitties!

Panic is setting in… It creeps in like a spill- slowly spreading as I realise the scope and volume of complete crap that I have left to sort. I’m making massive progress though. That gives me some comfort. I keep finding things I’ve forgotten about though… like my Imperia pasta noodle press… I love to make homemade noodles. Better take it along then. πŸ™‚ I have two of them… I could make pasta in tandem, but I think the other unit is going to the consignment shop. I don’t really need two… I still only have two hands to kneed dough. Oh- wanna know how to make pasta from scratch?

So moving isn’t totally stressful yet. Yet…
I’ve been studying the maps of the place I’m moving to since I hate feeling like a tourist. I’ll get on. As long as I can find an Aveda salon to keep up on my striped hair and a good grocery with loads of vegetarian and organic fare then I’m in good shape. I’d really have to be moving to the middle of nowhere for those requirements to remain unmet. Oh… and a Starbucks would be nice, but that’s not even a challenge to find these days. The world has become Starbucks’ whore and I embrace that notion with a milk frothied moustache intact. πŸ˜€

I’m so fortunate, you know. I’ve got advance entry into the apartment I’m moving into. I have a keen room mate who doesn’t mind my shit trickling in. I moved a bunch of stuff last month, and I think the month before too… but I’ll really get most of it taken care of in the next two trips. I’m so eager to be done with it all. I feel like I’m camping where I am now. It’s definitely turning into Aaron’s house. That’s a good thing, but a strange feeling to come to terms with. The new place is comfortable, but doesn’t have my imprint yet. The old place has the imprint but feels topsy-turvy.

I am a jumble.

And likely boring to read today…

Over and out.

Wait!… naw… I’m make a new post over it… it’s worth it.

One thought on “life is good… moving’s a bitch”

  1. Oh god no… the thought of some grubby american girl dumping all her junk on some poor, unsuspecting individual… it just isn’t right. I think you’re taking advantage and to be honest I’m disappointed in you.
    You should be more considerate and move, then have all your stuff carted over on the back of Mongolian lamas – there’s a team available for hire in Madison apparently – they look after your stuff like they look after their babies, it’s a good thing.

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