beautiful reflections

I met her over the weekend for dinner and drinks. Smartly, I had an overnight bag and an invitation to stay the night. Finding the apartment had been no trouble really, despite the manufactured complex- the kind of apartments that are only distinguished by numbers, not appearance.
She called down from the balcony and met me at the front door promptly. With this one, it’s almost as if years don’t pass between meetings. There’s always been a magic to our friendship- I doubt I’m romanticising- I’m sure she feels the same. I’ve loved her for years. This was a reunion and we were dressed to kill.

She and I have had similar, if not semi-synchronic, events occur over the years. I won’t bore you with the details, but she’s had her dramatic medical issues, online experiences, and has plans for big travel soon too. We last got together over a year ago- maybe two. Comfortable Italian was for dinner then- this night it was vegetarian fare and sinfully delicious, overpriced-but-worth-it cocktails.

We held hands and giggled at the cocktail bar. Drinks with Espresso, Godiva Chocolate, Raspberry, Champagne… rich, fabulously decadent ingredients danced on our tongues as the fabric of lost time became woven as tightly as our interlaced fingers.

Thank you, my dearest Maddie for an incredible evening together, breakfast of your homemade crepes and a visit to a scrummy greasy diner. My best to Jordan and his sweet-faced friend from breakfast as well. (I’m sometimes shit with names…)

You are a treasure and I’ll not again let so much time pass between contacts.