National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

I have a goal…

I will do this next year. By then I’ll be settled, have my roots firmly planted in my new surroundings and will have a sort of routine ironed out. I’ve been eyeing this site for a few years and thought that one day I might participate. Well- I hear by declare my intentions for the 2005 edition.

I’m pretty excited about it. As you know, dear readers, I do enjoy writing. Even if not technically pure in my adherence to language rules, I still love to subject you to what’s ticking through my head. I’ve made a promise to myself to explore this more over the next year, and that seems like a perfect preparatory action for the novel writing. I don’t know what it’ll be about yet- but I’ve got time for that to form.

Maybe one of you is inspired enough to try it this year?

Do tell me if you will…


4 thoughts on “National Novel Writing Month”

  1. Hi jEN,

    well it is tempting but I think I have enough writing commitments at the moment, maybe as you say next year.

    It will be tough though, approximately 5.9 pages or 1667 words a day, whew! I guess you would use the next few long winter months to edit and polish.


  2. oh poo! I didn’t want to know the amount per day yet! LOL You’re likely to spook me! heh heh

    So, it’s a date… you, me and a couple of text editors… See you in the sign up next year!


  3. sorry did mean to spook you.

    Yes next year, we should choose the same title or story-line and see what we end up with.

  4. Naw… I’m not put off. I’m game for the challenge.

    Interesting idea on the title/story idea… Might have to give that some thought.


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