Zombie Girl from Outer Space… and CSS

Good morning kitties…
And what a foul and intrusive morning it was to wake to. I stumbled around like a zombie for a spell, managed to forego consuming brains for cereal and a glass of Yo-J, then flicked on the Mac to check email, my blog, and chat with my buddy list dwellers.

I’ve made it to work, much to my dismay, (picture a cat being forcibly pushed into a cat carrier for a visit to the vet), and ran a utility on my G4. Cracked my CSS book, an O’Reilly title by Eric A. Meyer, and found this really cool paragraph.

I’ve mentioned that HTML and XHTML documents have an inherent structure, and that’s a point worth repeating. In fact, that’s part of the problem with web pages of old: too many of us forgot that documents are supposed to have and internal structure, which is altogether different than a visual structure. In our rush to create the coolest-looking pages on the Web, we bent, warped, and generally ignored the idea that pages should contain information that has some structural meaning.

OOOooooo… I like that quote. So you see, I’ll not distract you with fancy Flash or animated GIFs… no siree. I’ll be much simpler and informative. That also satisfies a lazy bone in me… heh heh. Naw, I’ll get better at this web design stuff- I’ve just been freakishly busy, as you well know.
One cannot simply uproot ten years of her life to begin anew and manage to read, retain and practice all the fancy stuff she’s learning about Declarations and Specificity in the context of CSS and HTML. It’s just not gonna happen. Especially for an ADD positive girl who finds herself wandering off into thoughts of monkeys and pirates at the most critical of learning junctures.

Oh- you’ll not necessarily see immediate results stemming from my rekindled learning frenzy here. I have an obligation to the Mac User Group I belong to first. I’ll share my results… really I will. 🙂

Zombie jEN- smooching you with distractive intentions as I eye the soft spot on your head…

2 thoughts on “Zombie Girl from Outer Space… and CSS”

  1. Hi jEN,

    >Especially for an ADD positive girl who finds herself wandering off into thoughts of monkeys and pirates at the most critical of learning junctures.

    Now you see I was born too early , when I was at school and drifted in to a little world of my own I was just a lazy day dreamer, now I would be considered ADD positive I guess.

    Eyes glazing over, away to save the world again,

    Kev 007.

  2. Hey Kev!

    Yeah… when I was a younger girl, I was just considered talkative and disruptive from time to time. Overly creative. No such wonder-ailments existed for me either. I went through a bit of therapy for a rock bottom low I hit almost two years ago and they came up with ADD. It’s not adult-onset as they traced my answers all the way back as far as I could remember…
    I took myself off the drugs though. Fuck ’em. I kinda like being slightly off center! 😀
    If I want my inner child and mad scientist hushed, then I’ll ask for them again. Mostly, I like being a storm chaser.


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