Rated M for Mature

Oh my god…

Blood, gore, senseless violence… Creatures designed by movie SFX god Stan Winston

I’ve been playing The Suffering on PS2 for the last 2+ hours. It’s the first time I’ve played it and I’m on the fourth or so level. I’m rocking the carnage house with this one! Yay! Gore! Gore! Gore!

The only reason I stopped the gaming for the evening was that my most mischievous cat, Rocket, decided to pull a huge IKEA drawers/shelf thing off the wall and spill everything from it. Fucker… Love that cat to pieces, but damn is he destructive!

So, I’ve got a new favourite game of the moment… I’m not much of a gamer, though I tend to be fairly decent at a handful when I pick them up, (like Onimusha 3 and Hitman 2), but I rarely play them for long. I’ll marathon with them for an evening or two… maybe even a whole day, but I just forget to play again for weeks and weeks…

Damn ADD.

Anywho- try The Suffering if you get a chance. It’s a first-person blood fest and has some creepy soundtrack stuff going on. (Read: glad I wasn’t alone in the surround sound since I was playing in the dark…:D )

Off to bed. I’ve run out of mental mana.
smooches for you~

One thought on “Rated M for Mature”

  1. So the little freckled fucker finally got that thing off the wall that he’s been pawing for weeks…
    Way to go Rocket!
    Though I’m thoroughly disappointed that he timed it to interrupt gametime… sacriledge.

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