How to pack a bicycle… my next task… argh!

Now, I’m a tool savvy girl. I am proud to say I have the best power tools in the house and know how to use them. I have a comprehensive collection of allen wrenchs. I can build or repair damn near anything… I can even wield a hammer properly.

All this self-praise aside, I am intimidated over taking my bike apart! It’s silly, I know. I am fully capable, and have the correct implements for the mechanical dismemberment… but I guess the thought of taking it apart, packing it carefully with padding in a box and shipping it spooks me a little.

I’ve found a slew of articles on the web, ranging from ridiculously lengthy to so brief it’s scary, and I’ve printed them all (smell that toner burn!)… likely won’t need a one of them, but I’ve printed them all in the hopes that a long night of cycle origami does not lie ahead.

I must stop at the local bike shop to see what they have for bicycle boxes… and if they’ll give this eyelash batter one for free. 😉


Update: Score! Free box and fork spacer! Whoo hoo!

4 thoughts on “How to pack a bicycle… my next task… argh!”

  1. >Update: Score! Free box and fork spacer! Whoo hoo

    See that is the problem with Internet shopping you can’t wheedle stuff. You can use a stolen credit card number to a fake address and bribe the postman but it’s just not the same 🙂


  2. tut… even you said my bike wasn’t a bad bike, thank you very much. I know it’s ‘beneath’ your calibre of bicycle typically, but I like it fine. 😛
    Wait ’til I get my bunny ears glued onto a bike helmet! You’d have me riding well behind you then, eh? lol! need a plastic basket and a bell too… *prepping a shopping list*

    hacksaw… tut.
    smooches to you despite my better judgement… 😉

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