I had to love her and leave her…

Since I was a little girl, chic images from the pages of fashion whore magazines called out to me with a buzzing motor, neck scarf and Chanel wrap-around sunglasses. Glimmering chrome trim reflecting the sunlight from shoreline roadways or the flashbulbs of the Paris paparazzi… Dreamy visions of romantic European lover-boys and fresh flowers… tight leather gloves to hold her stylish hand grips and ruby red lips to leave marks on wine glasses from posh street-side bistros…
This was the life of a Vespa driver plucked from the pages of Vogue magazine… God I wanted one of those sexy scooters!

I’d had a passive passion, (is that possible?), for the Piaggio machines for likely more than 20 years. Never thought I’d own one but last summer we took out a loan and I got the most blissfully beautiful, pale green honey of a bike. She was an ET4, the kind that goes really fast, has a 150cc engine and requires a motorcycle license to operate. I studied, got my temp license and proceeded to buzz my way through my fantasy affair with my very own Vespa scooter.

I didn’t ride her nearly enough last year, and given my tumultuous 2004, she’s not had a single outing with me. Now, there’s not even a chance for it… I’ve sold her back to the dealer. I’m moving, you see, and some things just have to go. Including my beloved scooter. Damn, I’ll miss that gorgeous thing.

Just wanted to whine and pine a little. If you want to see a few pics of her, go to my dotmac page, (link on right), and then you too can appreciate my loss.

Good night kitties-
pale green smooches and wind swept hair,

*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.

5 thoughts on “I had to love her and leave her…”

  1. Brings a tear to this ageing Mod Revivalist’s eye, never had a Scooter or a Mod Parka but I did have a Parka Snorkel and a Raleigh Chopper.

    Much empathy for you loss.


  2. Ah… my dream of bicycling bliss… the Raleigh Chopper my mate had but I never got. Seem to remember I ended up with some blue folding thing that was entirely humiliating to ride to school on. My mate, on the other hand, bruised his testicles on the chopper’s gear lever. Those were the days…

    And yes, jEN, I AM referring to one Raleigh bike as cool… they did one thing right at least – though they’ve really messed up with this recent retro re-release. Plop. I still would have to have you ride several miles behind me though…

  3. Yeah the new Chopper just looks silly and small I would like to see it against the classic. The gear lever was a hazard to future fatherhood and if the gears slipped while you were going up hill they could end a soccer career as your knee smashed against the handle bars. Ahh halcyon days.


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