There really is a book out there on everything… Books: How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men

I don’t even know where to go with this one…

Go read the reviewer comments too. We live in a sometimes freakishly surreal world…
Sounds like it’s helped some fellas out there… honestly, good for them.

I still think it’s a weird concept for a book… an advice column, maybe. Book? Odd.


One thought on “There really is a book out there on everything…”

  1. Hi jEN,

    I think you are right about it being a weird concept for a book but that is not the concept the authors had in mind, the concept is to make money out of other’s misery and gullibility…..

    … and here’s another one

    The Dating Gadget – lets you find the boundaries of your relationship without going over them, basic model a 5 LED display where first light is green and the last is red. The device will detect the message its owner is putting out and the response from the person they are on a date with.

    So for guys it will be able to detect when they cross that line from being attentive to being smothering.
    It will show the correct amount of commitment to show with out seeming like a worthless bum or wanting to get married and have two kids on the first date.

    For women is could detect how much interest to show in his favourite sport or how much disinterest can be got away with.
    How much previous boyfriends can be complained about or complimented.

    I am sure a model for gay dating could be designed, I pride myself on being an equal opportunity fleecer after all.

    Okay just basic examples but I think if I could build and sell a few hundred million of the device all my dating problems would disappear. 🙂


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