Getting to know you…

Hi kitties!

I had an intriguing comment left on my last post- the one about the puppy. If you want to know a little more about why I get so angry and why I feel justified in it, go read the comments there. I responded appropriately. I can explain a little more in the future, and unfortunately, the previous blog I had has disappeared as a service. In the spirit of redundancy, I’ll revisit some of the stuff some of you already know about me from that blog in the near future. 🙂

I don’t apologise for my opinions and I don’t feel the need to censor Lance’s statements either. I do reserve the ability to remove anyone’s comments if I feel it’s necessary, but so far I’ve not had to remove anything but a bit of spam. I don’t flame people either- so if it isn’t an intelligent contribution that you leave, but just something that is there to piss me off- well… you’ll get deleted. My mom reads this- so have respect people! LOL 😀 I’m a thiry-something year old woman. I’m well beyond the school yard.

I encourage your comments. I’m glad I got the one from Lance. I’m having a good time putting it all out there for you and encourage you to do the same. There’s a lot in this little head of mine and you only see a tiny percentage of it. I’m in the middle of some life changing events, so my posts aren’t as frequent as I’d like them to be, but I’ll try to work at it a bit more. I do this for me, remember. Having you out there is bonus.
Thanks for reading and I look forward to our dialogue.

smooches to you!

One thought on “Getting to know you…”

  1. I think all dutch should be strung up.
    I have no real reason for this, just feel like filling up my weekend with giving the human race a colonic irrigation.
    I mean, the attempted world domination by Dutchmen utilising the properties of their golden penises, rollerskating disco dancing techniques and flaky skin consumption is something we should all band together to stop.

    I’m going to watch another movie tonight.

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